Platinum Service                                                                   £120.00

Full strip down to frame & forks

Gold service plus:

Complete check & re-greasing of all components

Brake cable change inner & outer (excluding the cost of the parts)

Gear cable change inner & outer (excluding the cost of the parts)

Wheel hubs stripped down, cleaned, inspected and reassembled

Gold Service                                                                            £70.00

Headset checked & adjusted if necessary

Bottom bracket checked and adjusted if necessary

Gear and brake inner cabling replaced (excluding the cost of the cables)

Drive train removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated

Wheels checked for damage and wear, trued & tensioned

Advise given on any repairs/replacements necessary

Silver Service (Basic service)                                           £30.00

     Check for wear and tear, oil and re-grease all moving parts

       Brake and gear adjustment

       Tyre and safety check

    New bike build                                                                       £100.00

          Assemble new bike from all component parts to recommended

             Torque settings, including all cables required.

Bike Valet                                                                               £25.00

Thoroughly clean and de-grease bike

and re-lubricate components

Hub Service (per wheel)                                                    £20.00

Wheel Truing on jig (1 wheel)                                          £20.00

Bottom bracket replacement                                           £25.00

Brake service                                                                        £20.00

Gear service                                                                          £20.00

      Mud-guard fitting                                                               £15.00

      Bar Tape fitting (not including tape)                            £10.00

        Disc brake bleeding (each)                                               £25.00

      Puncture repair                                                                   £10.00

     All the above quoted prices do not include for any new or replacement parts that may be required.